Karen Rips Fiber Artist

I make art as a way of expressing my perception of the world around me. I create my own fabric using a variety of surface design techniques, then experiment to bring the piece alive, often by incorporating ideas and elements from previous creations.

The hours I spend in my studio nearly every day are fueled by the energy of having created something that has never existed before. Over the years, I have made a considerable investment in my studio space, since I find that my time there is creative, stress relieving, and liberating as well.

Fiber is my medium of choice because it is tactile, easily manipulated, and allows itself to be altered in many different ways. Tactile elements are important in my work because they give the piece even more reason to get up close and look at the art.

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Selected Bibliography:



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Online Video:

  • “Craft Houson - A View Within/In Residence,” Filmed [July 1, 2015]. YouTube Video, Duration: 00:04:22, Posted [July 2016]. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6vU3Onu5XA



  • SAQA - Professional Artist Member
  • Surface Design Association
  • Twelve by Twelve
  • Quilt Visions
  • San Jose Quilt Museum


Studied Under:

  • Bob Adams
  • Jeanne Raffer Beck
  • Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan
  • Dorothy Caldwell
  • Jane Dunnewold
  • Leslie Gabrielse
  • Rayna Gillman
  • Kerr Grabowski
  • Jan Myers-Newbury
  • Carol Soderlund